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Conference Schedule

Friday, November 16th, 2018


 Registration and Continental Breakfast


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  9am - 12pm

                The Power of Storytelling                  

by Jeffrey Kottler Ph.D

What’s a story that changed your life? It could have been a story told to you by a teacher, a parent, a coach, or a counselor.It could have been a story from a film, television show, play, song lyrics, or novel. It could have been a family story, a fairy tale, fable, myth or legend. Human memory, and all human experiences, are created and remembered as narratives, whether they include dreams, fantasies, crises, or life’s challenges.

In one sense, counselors, therapists, and teachers are professional storytellers, whether the anecdotes are offered in the form of self- disclosures, metaphors, parables, case examples, or illustrative examples. In addition novels, movies, television shows, biographies, have a profound affect on people. As therapists and counselors, we attempt to influence and persuade people through the power of stories, as well as "hold" the stories of those we help.

Through mirror neurons, our brains don’t distinguish very much between stories that we consume vicariously and actual direct experience. Stories have a way of penetrating our hearts and souls in a way that self-help books and conversations can’t touch—largely because of the high levels of emotional arousal and empathy that are triggered. That is one reason why people care so deeply for some fictional characters or those on reality shows: as far as our brain is concerned, such individuals really do feel like family or friends. And it is also why stories can potentially be so influential and persuasive.

This program reviews the ways that stories are an integral part of counseling and therapy and how we can be far more effective, skilled, and creative in the ways we approach our efforts to maximize our impact. We will examine and explore the power of therapeutic stories and how they can be harnessed more effectively.

Learning Objectives

1. Study how stories hold personal and cultural identities, for better or for worse

2. Review all the ways that stories have had an impact on people's lives, and even changed the world!

3. Learn about the neurophysiology of the brain that maximizes coding, memory retention and access, through storied narratives.

4. Explore ways that stories have been a significant within indigenous and multicultural contexts.

5. Understand trauma in terms of disordered or fragmented stories

6. Discuss ways to be more skilled and effective at creating and sharing stories within helping relationships

Option 2 

9am - 12pm

LIFE 101  by Terri Tchorzynski

(2017 National School Counselor of the Year)


Influence – Equity – Access – Advocate – Success. In the world of a school counselor, these are just some of the words that permeate our minds as we strive to help our students reach their full potential and discover the world in which they strive to achieve. I am sure we would all agree that these are not always easy tasks and at times it can feel as though not enough progress is being made, so I am here today to offer you a course called LIFE 101.

This presentation is around the acronym of LIFE:

Living – Inspiration vs. Influence

Intentionally – Equity and Access; Data-Driven Decisions

For – Advocating for both students and the profession

Excellence – Technical Skills vs. Soft Skills (Life Skills); ASCA’s Mindsets and Behaviors




12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 
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Option 1

 1 - 4pm

The Power of Storytelling Pt.2

by Jeffrey Kottler Ph.D


Option 2 

1 - 4pm





4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Saturday, November 17th, 2018

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Awards Luncheon: Noon-1pm

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