ISCA Membership


Welcome to the only professional organization that represents and advocates solely for Idaho school counselors. Your membership brings you many benefits among which include professional development activities, a professional newsletter, and trained leadership to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Perhaps the most important advantage in this time of educational cutbacks is the strong advocacy of the Public Policy and Legislation Committee which serves all professional school counselors.

For questions regarding your renewal date, please contact Lindsay Lee.


Professional $35.00
Must hold a master's degree in counseling or a closely related field.

Retired $20.00
A professional counselor who has been a member of ISCA for 5 years, is 60 years of age and no longer works as a counselor.

Student $20.00
Must be enrolled at least half time in counselinng or a closely related field. Must submit professor's verification of student enrollment in school. For student enrollment, please send a check or money order to: Julie Hambleton PO BOX 7342, Boise, ID 83707 (only membership fees are accepted at this PO Box).

Associate $35.00
A professional who would like to receive the benefits of an ISCA membership.


Registration is EASY and can be completed through your ASCA or ICA membership TODAY! Click the icons below to register! If you are only interested in joining ISCA, please mail your check or money order to: Julie Hambleton, PO BOX 7342 Boise, ID 83707 Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted by the ISCA Membership Chair.