Past Conference Information

*If you attended a previous conference, and have questions about CEU's please contact Chanin Thompson

Handouts and Flyers from Previous ISCA Conferences


Fall Conference 2017- "Cultivating Resilience: Preparing Students to Overcome Failure & Adversity"

Jennifer Tachell & Jena Grenke- Schoolwide PBIS

Jennifer Tachell- Understanding & Managing Escalating Behavior

Dori Hutchinson- Build Their Bounce

Fall Conference 2016- "Celebrating Relationships: Partnering for Student Success" 

Bob Uhlenkott- An Introduction to JobScape

Caty Solace- Journey to Career

Chuc Diemart- Music and the Mind

Curtis Garner- Ethics

Danielle Teuber- In Their Shoes: Teen Dating Violence

Harv Nelson-Idaho Youth Challenge Academy

Jenni Kimball, Julie Bu, & Dana Kelly- Helping Students Navigate the Financial Aid Process

John Kelly- The Power of One

Julia Taylor- Suicide, Self-Harm, & Social Media

Katie Bubak- PBIS: The Basics

Kelly Hall-Google & Sped, 60 tips/tools in 60 minutes

Matt McCarter and Tina Polischuk- Advising with Advanced Opportunities

Mike Mitchell- Go ON! PERSI

Fall Conference 2015-"Making Connections, It's All About Relationships" 

Fall Conference 2013-"Cultivating Student Growth Through Experiential and Hands on Learning"

Fall Conference 2012-"Running the River Wild: Providing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program When the Water is High"

Fall Conference 2009  - "Bridging the Achievement Gap"

Rob Sauer - Eight Habits of the Heart

Fall Conference 2008

Amy Amarello - AD/HD and Executive Functioning Deficits
Amy Amarello - Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Connection to Nonverbal Learning Disorders
Andrew Layman - Children's Mental Health, Ages 4-12
       Andrew Layman - Adolescent Mental Health, Ages 13-17
Elaine Eberharter-Maki - Section 504 v. IDEA
       Gene Cash - Make a Difference
Kathryn Still - Child Psychiatric Medications
Mary Whitaker - Auditory Processing Disorders in the Educational Setting
        Peg Dawson - Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Intervention
Peg Dawson - Executive Skills Workshop
Anthony Cellucci and Peter Vik - Current Ethical Issues for Counselors & Psychologists
Tanya Chin - Child and Youth Program Update as of October 30, 2007
        Tanya Chin - Educator Guide
Tanya Chin - Effects of Deployment on Children